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-: It is well known fact that DICIPLINE SMARTNESS and EFFICIENCY of the security staff and its well organized administrative power is a real image of a well run and modern industrial Establishment.
We offer our well organized and effective controlled security for your factories, mills, Buildings, Bank, and Agriculture Farm etc. by our specially trained personal with substantial provide records of DICIPLINE INTEGPITY and LOYALITY.
They can pillars of strength in solving your security and its allied problem

Providing security solutions that makes your life easier

we deliver premium security solutions at best price

Armed Gunmen

security grad

Bouncer Security Garad

Body Guards




Lady Searcher

Ladies Security Guard

Body Guard With Revolver

Investigatior / Detective


Office Boy

Housekeeper m/f

house maid, warden

Fire man

S/ Fire Man

Labour , lodar

skilled labour

unskilled labour



business development manager

Business associate

marketing manager



wire men

Any business, even yours, is under create… all the time
  • Only, a threat may vary by degree in terms of consequences. Never the less, you are never far from it.
  • Enough reason then, to have security that's effective and comprehensive. One that leaves you feeling secure at all time. The Globe Group is one name that best Meets all these criteria.
  • They also provide guarding service to industries, establishments & residential complexes.
  • We have over 13, 00 select, disciplined and professionally Trained personnel from all over the country. They are deployed at more than 1, 40 locations including corporate Houses, MNCS, Government Institutions and the like.